The Killing Death


Chicago Phil travels through his past relations butchering them in horrific ways. Frank, a veteran cop leads Jimmy through his first case trying to piece together the seemingly unrelated crimes. The two paths converge in hilarious fashion through inept bungling on both sides

Horror /Comedy, 2008, Colour, 65 Minutes

Ian Russell (IMDB)
Jeremy Dangerfield (IMDB) , Tyhr Trubiak (IMDB) , Neil Reimer (IMDB) , Darren Felbel (IMDB) , Stephen Washen (IMDB) , Veronica Ternopolski (IMDB) , Caley Gibson (IMDB) , Jay Van Deventer (IMDB) , David Annandale (IMDB) , Christine Leong (IMDB)
Comedy, Horror
Feature Film